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Barbados: The World’s Newest Republic

barbados the world's newest republic

Barbados is a small Caribbean island. It’s only 439 km square in area. Once it was a British colony. Now, it becomes the world’s newest republic.

Barbados elects its first-ever president Dame Sandra Prunella Mason or Sandra Mason. She is a lawyer, politician and diplomat. Sandra Mason was also the final governor-general of Barbados. She replace the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth as head of state. Barbados gained independence from the British in 1966.

The original name for ‘Barbados’ was ‘Ichirouganaim’. In the Columbian era, Ichirouganaim becomes now present-day Barbados. The word ‘Barbados’ comes from either the Spanish term ‘Los Barbudos’ or the Portuguese term ‘Os Barbados. Many archaeologists suggest that humans may have first settled in Barbados in 1600 BC.

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